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  • TEXO Security IdM  v.1.0The TEXO Security IdM projects provides means to specify security related objectives and aspects with the Unified Service Description Language, to transform the them to XACML and WS-Security Policies, and to visualize the WS-Security Policies.
  • Network Security & Policy Manager  v.1.0Open Source software for web-based management of system and network security policies and Iptables firewall rules ...
  • Dynamic security policy framework  v.1.0Implementing an access control framework in Linux kernel which can support multiple security policies, such as fine-granular Discretionary Access Control,Mandatory Access Control,Roles-based Access Control,Domain and Type Enforment,and Security Audit.
  • Lock My Computer  v.9.51Desktop security solution for personal or publicly accessible computers. It disallows unauthorized changes to various settings of the Windows system, such as Control Panel, Desktop, Local Security Policies, Outlook Express account settings and more.
  • CASToggle  v. Code Access Security enforcement ...
  • Winalysis  v.3.1Monitor for changes to files, the registry, users, groups, services, security policies, and more. Archive Event Logs from multiple computers to a central database. Restore files and the registry from snapshots. User account auditing and analysis.
  • System Maid  v.2.1Registry stores all kinds of information, such as wallpaper and fonts, hardware configuration data, security policies, user preferences (etc.). Damaged Registry means a "brain"-damaged system. Registry errors slow down your computer, prevent programs ...
  • SecureProxy  v.1.0SecureProxy is an proxy application which sits in front of a web server and enforces general security policies which prevent clients from accessing restricted portions of the website or providing dangerous or unauthorized input.
  • Nsauditor Network Security Auditor  v.3.0.23Nsauditor is an advanced network security scanner for auditing and monitoring network computers for possible vulnerabilities. The software checks network computers using all potential methods that a attacker might use to attack it.
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